Katy has a wealth of campaigning experience from throughout the West of Scotland and beyond



Helensburgh and


Paisley and

Photo - Inverclyde (Katy & Kenny S, educ




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Ayrshire and

Beyond the West of Scotland


Clydebank and Milngavie (Scottish Parliament)


Selected in May 2020


1st on the West of Scotland Regional List & constituency candidate for Strathkelvin and Bearsden (Scottish Parliament) - target seat

2014 - 2016

Katy led the biggest ever co-ordinated campaign across West of Scotland region, door knocked and organised leaflet delivery in all 6 local authority areas and regularly appeared in local / national press and on broadcast media, inc televised debates, TV interviews and radio slots on the BBC, STV and Sky.  She carried out multiple hustings across the region during March – May 2016.  Katy’s greatest success was motivating teams across the region to campaign and coming very close to winning the list seat back for the party (only 1.6% votes short). 

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1st on the Glasgow Regional List (Scottish Parliament) - target seat


Katy raised a further £10,000, co-ordinated the campaign across Glasgow, door knocked and organised leaflet delivery throughout the city and regularly appeared in the local and national press.  She also carried out 11 hustings during March – May 2011, including against hostile opponents Tommy Sheridan and George Galloway, at the height of the backlash against the Coalition Government.



2016 - present

Like most of the Scottish party, Katy campaigned against Brexit in 2016 as part of the Scottish Parliament election campaign.  Following the vote to leave the EU, Katy has taken part in a number of national demonstrations against No Deal, in favour of a People’s Vote and to give voice to EU citizens who can’t vote.


Better Together


Katy campaigned against independence alongside Jo Swinson and the East Dunbartonshire team throughout 2014, co-ordinating work with Labour and Conservative supporters, members and indeed local councillors, to ensure East Dunbartonshire voted No.  Thanks to the strength of Liberal Democrat support in East Dunbartonshire, other political parties were happy to follow our lead, regularly collecting leaflets for distribution and putting aside party differences for the campaign.


Glasgow North (Westminster) - target seat

2007 - 2010

Katy raised £80,000, built a team that delivered 1 million leaflets, knocked on thousands of doors across the constituency, led 4 major local campaigns (inc saving 2 post offices, against school closures and saving a much loved local lane from development) and regularly appeared in the local / national press.  She raised the Lib Dem vote share to approx. 30% but was defeated by a last minute Labour surge.  In 3 & 1/2 years, Katy’s greatest success was in becoming the voice of Glasgow North residents and demonstrating to them that some political parties really do care and can achieve success for and with them.


Campaign Manager for Jo Swinson in East Dunbartonshire (Westminster)


As Jo's campaign manager in the 2017 snap general election, Katy marshalled the numerous volunteers to maximise their campaign potential but also make them feel so welcome they returned many times. She was known as a hard taskmaster who always ensured there was cake! With a great candidate and the mood of the constituency swinging to us, the result was a resounding victory in defeating the SNP and regaining our MP.


Yes! To Fairer Votes


Katy campaigned in favour of fairer votes in the AV Referendum across Glasgow region as part of the Scottish Parliament election campaign in 2011, as the referendum took place on the same day as the Scottish elections in 2011.

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Glasgow Kelvin & 2nd on the Glasgow Regional List (Scottish Parliament)


Katy dramatically increased campaigning across the north of Glasgow, putting out 15,000 pieces of literature 3 times and bringing in many new campaigners, helping Kenneth Elder and Mary Paris to get elected to the council in 2007, as the council elections were on the same day.