About Katy

Katy went to school in London, studied French and Swedish at Aberdeen University, taught
English for a year in Paris, started accountancy training in Newcastle, studied for her
postgraduate qualification in Careers Guidance at Napier University in Edinburgh before finally
coming to rest in the West of Scotland, which she has made her home for the past 22 years.
Over 25 years in the careers service, she has helped school leavers apply for jobs, college and
university courses, helped employers recruit and advised on employment law and helped adults
facing redundancy work out their career options. Throughout, she has supported clients to
achieve their potential no matter what disadvantages they face, challenging stereotypes &
championing equal opportunities.

She has run million pound national projects to help people back into work and help pupils look at
college as a credible option.

As a long-standing UNISON member, Katy spent several years as senior steward for the service
negotiating re-gradings, arguing for fair treatment of employees and jointly presenting UNISON’s
submission to the Scottish Parliament on the future of the careers service.
Katy got into political campaigning when helping Jo Swinson MP win East Dunbartonshire for the
Liberal Democrats in 2005. She has run or been involved in several campaigns in the West of
Scotland since June 2007 to stand up for local people.

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Katy believes we need more Parliamentarians with recent non-political experience. She has a
lifelong commitment to helping people succeed no matter what barriers they face and a strong
belief in education as key to this. Her burning sense of injustice is what drives her to stand up for
local people who might otherwise struggle to be heard. In 2019, she was appointed as the
Scottish Liberal Democrat’s Spokesperson on the Economy and Fair Work, which links closely to
her professional background in education and employment.

Katy has worked closely with Jo Swinson MP in East Dunbartonshire since 2012 and was Jo’s
Campaign Manager for 2015. She is a former Vice Convener of the Scottish Liberal Democrats,
Convener of the Campaigns &; Candidates Committee, Convener of Scottish Liberal Democrat
Women - which works within the party to increase the number of female elected Liberal
Democrats and to ensure women have a strong influence on party policy. She narrowly missed
out on securing election in 2016 as lead list candidate for West of Scotland region.
In 2012, Katy became Head of the Careers Service for Strathclyde University. Her team
prepared graduates for the world of work, supporting them to choose the career path that works
for them.

For the snap general election in 2017, Katy became Campaign Manager again for Jo Swinson, in
the successful campaign to regain her seat in East Dunbartonshire. She then took up the role of
Associate Director (Careers & Employability) at Goldsmiths, University of London and now works
during the week to help students navigate the challenging recruitment market in the wake of the
Brexit vote and now Covid-19. She took leave of absence from work in 2019 to again chair Jo
Swinson’s re-election campaign in the snap General Election in December, which was only lost
by 149 votes in a very tough campaign.

"I've spent my entire life standing up for those who need it most - as a careers adviser, union shop steward and as a campaigner... and that's what I'll do every single day as your MSP."

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Download Katy's candidate statement for the Scottish Liberal Democrats' 2020 West of Scotland regional list selection campaign

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