Liberal Democrats Back Moves to Greater Federalism in the UK – Wed 8th Oct

Lib Dems backed an emergency motion to move towards greater home rule for Scotland without tying it to any conditions, but to start work on a framework for a federal United Kingdom, at the Party’s Federal Conference at the SECC in Glasgow on Wed 8th October.

Katy spoke in the debate to describe the high levels of engagement in the debate amongst the public in East Dunbartonshire, to warn that the country needs to move quickly to give Scotland greater powers or the threat of another referendum will be back on the table and to urge Liberal Democrats at Holyrood and Westminster to do everything in their power to ensure the Tories and Labour don’t backtrack on the commitment to a swift transfer of further powers to Scotland before the General Election in May 2015. You can watch her speech in full here:

Scotland says No Thanks to independence, Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre – 19th Sept 2014

The restults are in and we’re pleased to say that Scotland has voted NO to independence, here is what Katy had to say about the campaign, the result and where we go now:

“In the small hours of Friday morning, as we watched the votes pile up for No across most of East Dunbartonshire, it was becoming obvious that what we had suspected for weeks was coming true, that the people of East Dunbartonshire wanted to stay part of the UK.  It was a bit more tense watching the results from around the country before heading off to the BBC, driving local MP Jo Swinson to a round of interviews on the result of the independence referendum.

While delighted at the result, Scotland has been through a difficult and uncomfortable time, with families across the country on different sides of the argument.  We as Liberal Democrats, always believers in a federal solution and the leading campaigners for more powers for the Scottish parliament, have a real responsibility now to make sure that Labour and the Tories keep to their promises for greater devolution for Scotland.  This may be the best chance in 100 years of achieving a properly federal United Kingdom.

So grateful to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly across East Dunbartonshire to secure the result we hoped for.”

Final 24 hours of campaigning to save Scotland from becoming independent – 17th Sept 2014

Referendum campaign 7 (B'briggs with Jo, Vince Cable, stall) - 17.9.14

Back in Bishopbriggs to encourage as many local people as possible to say No Thanks to independence.  This time local MP Jo Swinson and Katy were delighted to be joined by Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills.  Again, really good reactions from the silent majority.  They may not be putting up posters, but the smiles, nods and horn tootings as they pass are a good sign that Scotland will still be part of the UK when the country wakes up on Friday morning.